60s and 70s

Paranoid (Black Sabbath)

Purple haze (Jimmy Hendrix)

Black night (Deep Purple)

Born to be wild (Steppenwolf)

Can't get enough (Bad Company)

Alright now (Free)

Sin city (AC/DC)

Smoke on the water (Deep Purple)

Rock'n'roll (Led Zeppelin)

You really got me (Van Halen)

Doctor doctor (Ufo)

Whole lotta rosie (AC/DC)

Runnin' with the devil (Van Halen)

Icecream man (Van Halen)

Jailbreak (Thin Lizzy)

Live wire (AC/DC)

Ain't talkin' bout love (Van Halen)

Hell ain' a bad place to be (AC/DC)

Strutter (Kiss)

Touch too much (AC/DC)

Tush (ZZ Top)

Let there be rock (AC/(DC)


Rock 'n' roll all nite (Kiss)

Iron man (Black Sabbath)

Baracuda (Heart)

Dog eat dog (AC/DC)

Long live rock 'n' roll (Rainbow)

Radar love (Golden Earring)

I want you to want me (Cheap Trick)

Highway to hell (AC/DC)

We will rock you (Queen)

I stole your love (Kiss)





Wheels of steel (Saxon)

Holy diver (Dio)

Shell shock (Manowar)

Crazy train (Ozzy Osbourne)

Eat the rich (Krokus)

The trooper (Iron Maiden)

Sweet child o' mine (Guns 'n' Roses)

Breakin' the law (Judas Priest)

Dead or alive (Bon Jovi)

Grinder (Judas Priest)

It's not love (Dokken)

Miracle man (Ozzy Osbourne)

Panama (Van Halen)

I don't believe in love (Quennsryche)

Living after midnight (Judas Priest)

Unchain the night (Dokken)

Cryin' in the rain (Whitesnake)

Unchained (Van Halen)

Seek and destroy (Metallica)

Young turks (Rod Stewart)

Fight for your right (The Beasty Boys)

I love rock'n'roll (Joan Jett)

For whom the bell tolls (Metallica)

The kids wanna rock (Bryan Adams)

Wishing well (Gary Moore)

Ain't no love in the heart of the city (Whitesnake)

Summer of '69 (Bryan Adams)

Purple rain (Prince)

Rebel Yell (Billy Idol)

Looks that kill (Mötley Crüe)

Run to the hills (Iron Maiden)

Rock you like a hurricane (Scorpions)

Heaven and hell (Blach Sabbath)

Hallowed be thy name (Iron Maiden)

Ride like the wind (Saxon)

Every breath you take (Police)

Wild child (Wasp)

Every rose has its thorn (Poison)

Turbo lover (Judas Priest)

Ace of spades (Motörhead)





Symphony of destruction (Megadeth)

Are you gonna go my way (Lenny Kravitz)

Whiskey in the jar (Metallica)

Come as you are (Nirvana)

Enter sandman (Metallica)

Warriors of the world (Manowar)

How you remind me (Nickelback)

Get your hands off (Darkness)

Tears of the dragon (Bruce Dickinson)

God gave rock'n'roll to you (Kiss)